As the grandson of people who are beginning to experience the challenges associated with aging safely in place, the son of a retired public school teacher who has contemplated relocating to Rockville, the father of an infant who will one day attend local public schools and as a member of the most populous age demographic of this city, my vision for Rockville is that this city should allow all of us to realize our full biological, psychological and social potential. Simply stated, Rockville should be a place where all of us thrive.

To realize that vision, my priorities include:

  • Being good stewards of city funds while providing above average municipal services
  • Realizing the goals of Vision Zero by building upon ongoing efforts to make Rockville a safe place to use non-motorized forms of transit
  • Eradicating disparities that exist between the east versus west side of Rockville Pike
  • Advocating for less crowded schools as part of an overarching goal for continued improvement of teaching and learning outcomes
  • Making Rockville an even more desirable place for senior citizens to thrive
  • Supporting existing efforts to provide affordable and accessible housing beyond what is required within Montgomery County
  • Building on ongoing efforts to have our police officers work with the community in solving public safety challenges so that all Rockville citizens are safe, protected and treated justly
  • Improving the desirability and financial viability of Rockville Town Center by providing assistance to businesses that will help increase patrons and revenue
  • Making continuous improvements to our infrastructure to ensure that the growing population and future businesses have high-quality water while efficiently sequestering stormwater and thoroughly treating waste
  • Small businesses and sustainable job creation by rewarding (e.g. via tax credits) those businesses that hire locally and/or are making other concrete efforts toward attaining environmental sustainability
  • Improving citizen participation by increasing efforts to fill vacancies on Rockville’s Boards and Commissions
  • Smart, sustainable and visually appealing growth of the city

My priorities for the city of Rockville are focused on ensuring that all citizens are able to benefit from all that Rockville has to offer, and in so doing, realize their full potential.


Endorsed by New Politics.